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Sarah Guess
July 8, 2015 Admin

My Story: I’m an artist and a musician, and my name is Sarah Guess. I grew up at Denton Bible Church, a large church in North Texas, and for years I sat down a long isle from this middle-aged couple, named Lori and Ed. I only ever shook their hands and introduced myself to this bubbly couple, but one day I got a phone call from a lady named Lori Walter, and she told me she was looking for an artist to do anatomy drawings of muscles for her – namely for a book she was wanting to publish. Little did I know that this Lori was the one and only Lori Walter, whom I’d seen countless times on Sunday mornings!

I found myself sitting across from her at a table one afternoon, several years ago, having my first meeting with her. To be honest, I was overwhelmed by the load of information as she spilled out her ideas for the book. Her knowledge of the human body floored me, as it does to this day. I had studied anatomy in school, but I simply never knew the body until I started doing these anatomy drawings for Lori! She and I clicked in that afternoon meeting, and as she explained and I sketched, I was able to learn to put onto paper what she was saying.
Stretch and Massage: Not only have I learned heaps from her (and I hope to continue to do so, under her tutelage), she has helped me tremendously physically. She kindly and gently showed me the things I could change, and her massage and stretches have aided my body immeasurably.
The first time I had an injury, I had cracked my tailbone, and she helped me get back to where I could sit in a chair without cringing. She showed me the stretches to get blood-flow to the right places, and massaged things back into the right places. The second time I injured myself after I knew her, I got a hernia in my lower abdomen. I had been in France, and had to go over a week without anything being done. By that time, my body had tried to heal itself severely incorrectly! The severe pain told me so, but I didn’t know the extent of what I’d done until Lori push and pulled things back into their correct positions. Hernia healing without surgery? I didn’t know it could be done!
Among other things, Lori has also helped me straighten my feet completely (they both aimed inward; I was “pigeon-toed”… now I’m not!), and has taught me how to breath correctly with diaphragmatic breathing. As a singer, this made loads of difference for breath-control. As someone who likes the outdoors and some sports, it’s made “stitches” disappear!
Allergies and Acupressure: For the last 5 years, I had been riddled with allergies of all kinds – from more minor allergies (like rashes from eating certain fruits) to severe food allergies (including anaphylactic shock from inhaling kiwi and the worst constipation ever from ingesting anything containing soy). I had gone to the doctors and there was “nothing to be done”, just avoidance of these allergens. I was disheartened by the fact that through my whole life, I might have to play the game of food avoidance and caution.
Then I told Lori Walter about my condition, and she suggested acupressure. It sounded odd to me at first, and I had to let the idea soak for a while before I decided, “Why not? If it doesn’t work, that’s that. If it does…” And so I made an appointment for an NAET, got tested, diagnosed and had acupressure done. No needles, no pricks, just muscle testing, and a “resetting” of the nervous system to relearn how to react to the items that my body was treating as a danger.
Do you think that trying kiwi was nerve-wracking, when before it would make my throat close up? Or soy, which would cause my intestinal system to back up for days? Yes, it certainly was. But I tried things slowly, and voila! I had no pain. I had no rashes. I had no lowering heart-rate… only the enjoyment of foods again.
Lori Walter, LMT and Dr. Jennifer Polen D.C. have changed my life – for good! And just to add to all of that… I have now gone through her Stretch 4 Life Academy, and and a Licensed Massage Therapist myself, practicing the Stretch 4 Life technique!


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