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Bryan Cruze
July 8, 2015 Admin

My Story: My name is Bryan Cruze…

I came to see Lori after a friend had told me how much she had helped him. At that time, I had terrible leg pain that started at my lower back and ran all the way down to my foot. The pain would feel like someone was shocking me as I did simple everyday things, like grocery shopping or walking my dogs around the block. After visiting two different medical doctors with no change, I decided to visit Lori.
Stretch and Massage: Lori was very good at explaining what was going on and what we would have to do to fix it. I really liked how she gave me a “big picture” plan, with a start and finish line. We started my plan which included massage therapy and stretch routines for me to follow. We even came up with simple things I could do everyday to start making the pain go away, including the way I walked, stood up, and lifted. The stretch video I followed was very easy and helpful. It made a huge difference! Anyone can do these exercises and there is no annoying dance music required!
My leg pain is now gone and I can actually enjoy walking again. Lori changes important habits in your life to correct posture, form and the way your body moves. Best of all, there is no surgery or drugs involved!


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