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My name is Kelly Quinn. I am a student at Texas A&M University. I did gymnastics for 13 years before I was forced to quit my junior year of high school due to injuries. I was a level 10 gymnast, with hopes of getting a college scholarship for gymnastics, when my back pain started getting to be too much. I went to a back specialist, and he told me my pain was “much ado about nothing”. I have an extra rib, and the transverse process on the L5 vertebrae is larger on one side than the other. He said there was nothing we could do, and if I did not stop, I would be in even greater pain as a young adult. So, I stopped doing gymnastics, but the pain did not stop. I could barely make it through a whole day of school sitting in a desk.

That’s when a friend suggested I go see his massage therapist, Lori Walter.

Since then, my back pain has become manageable, and I can live a normal life again. Lori and her massages and stretches have also helped me with other lasting injuries from gymnastics. Three years after I had stopped gymnastics, I had to have ankle surgery due to trauma from the repetitive pounding on my body. I had a hole in my cartilage, a floating bone from a previous fracture that I wasn’t even aware of, and a cluster of bone spurs in both the front and back of my ankle. Without the massages and stretches from Lori, my recovery time from the surgery would’ve been ten times longer. Lori noticed my muscles were not rebuilding, because they did not have the oxygen and blood supply to recover from the atrophy. Even years after stopping, gymnastics was still having effects on the way my body recovered from injury. I have many other previous injuries that Lori has helped me with as well. Without Lori’s massages and stretches, I can’t imagine what my life would be like. Every time I come home from college, I make an appointment with Lori. Luckily I have her Stretch for Life DVD that I can take to college with me and keep up with my stretches. I’m excited for Stretch for Sports to come out so I can work on stretches that are a little more focused on where my body is as an athlete.

How did you cope with injuries at a young age? I would usually just rest. Not participate in the sport I was involved in. I didn’t know about stretching or proper nutrition to help myself heal better.

What do you do now that is differently from when you were younger when recovering from an injury? I avoid using the injured area as much as possible. I try to feed my body the proper things to aid my body in healing itself. I stretch, or will lightly use the injured area to facilitate healing. I try to get plenty of rest as well.

Was there a time where you did not participate in sports, or changed sports? I played football all through high school. At times I wish I would have not played because the injuries I sustained are all from football and I’m confident that those injuries would not be present had I played… say, baseball.

How did resuming the activity affect your body?

Flexibility: My flexibility greatly suffered, due to the injured area tightening itself up to protect itself.
Strength: My strength suffered as well because the muscle being tight would not allow for their full range of motion. So I could not dig deep during the times I needed them to.
Stamina: My stamina suffered as well because my body was using its injury to heal itself rather than using it for reserves to allow my body to work for longer periods of time.

How has your exercise/activity regimen changed over the years? Why?

During high school I would work the same muscles groups three to four times in one week. I don’t do this anymore. I learned that working a muscle group once a week is actually more beneficial so the muscle group has time to heal. Working them out several times a week promoted injury, which happened. I don’t use an incredible amount of weight anymore, the reason being to reduce the amount of stress my joints will take on. I transition between days of weight training and days of cardio so that I work out my large muscle groups, but all my heart, as well.

Describe a specific experience where you improved in your sport – how did that happen?

I can’t name a specific experience, but rather many. Since I’ve been receiving therapy via massage, my body has made leaps and bounds. I’m able to flex and move in ways that I haven’t been able to do in many years. I have more of a sense of homeostasis that I haven’t had since I was young. It’s hard to describe, but it’s like restoring symmetry to my arms, legs, and back.

What do you do to care for your body?

Nutrition: Eat more lean meats, fruits, and vegetables; reduce the amount of portions I take in.
Stretch: Use conventional stretches as well as non conventional to heal mu muscles.
Cardio: Differing forms of cardio to keep my body and heart guessing.
Sleep: Sleep more and try to keep the times I am sleeping the same.
Recovery: Give my body more rest during the day and rest muscle groups between workouts.

My Story: I’m an artist and a musician, and my name is Sarah Guess. I grew up at Denton Bible Church, a large church in North Texas, and for years I sat down a long isle from this middle-aged couple, named Lori and Ed. I only ever shook their hands and introduced myself to this bubbly couple, but one day I got a phone call from a lady named Lori Walter, and she told me she was looking for an artist to do anatomy drawings of muscles for her – namely for a book she was wanting to publish. Little did I know that this Lori was the one and only Lori Walter, whom I’d seen countless times on Sunday mornings!

I found myself sitting across from her at a table one afternoon, several years ago, having my first meeting with her. To be honest, I was overwhelmed by the load of information as she spilled out her ideas for the book. Her knowledge of the human body floored me, as it does to this day. I had studied anatomy in school, but I simply never knew the body until I started doing these anatomy drawings for Lori! She and I clicked in that afternoon meeting, and as she explained and I sketched, I was able to learn to put onto paper what she was saying.

Stretch and Massage: Not only have I learned heaps from her (and I hope to continue to do so, under her tutelage), she has helped me tremendously physically. She kindly and gently showed me the things I could change, and her massage and stretches have aided my body immeasurably.

The first time I had an injury, I had cracked my tailbone, and she helped me get back to where I could sit in a chair without cringing. She showed me the stretches to get blood-flow to the right places, and massaged things back into the right places. The second time I injured myself after I knew her, I got a hernia in my lower abdomen. I had been in France, and had to go over a week without anything being done. By that time, my body had tried to heal itself severely incorrectly! The severe pain told me so, but I didn’t know the extent of what I’d done until Lori push and pulled things back into their correct positions. Hernia healing without surgery? I didn’t know it could be done!

Among other things, Lori has also helped me straighten my feet completely (they both aimed inward; I was “pigeon-toed”… now I’m not!), and has taught me how to breath correctly with diaphragmatic breathing. As a singer, this made loads of difference for breath-control. As someone who likes the outdoors and some sports, it’s made “stitches” disappear!

Allergies and Acupressure: For the last 5 years, I had been riddled with allergies of all kinds – from more minor allergies (like rashes from eating certain fruits) to severe food allergies (including anaphylactic shock from inhaling kiwi and the worst constipation ever from ingesting anything containing soy). I had gone to the doctors and there was “nothing to be done”, just avoidance of these allergens. I was disheartened by the fact that through my whole life, I might have to play the game of food avoidance and caution.

Then I told Lori Walter about my condition, and she suggested acupressure. It sounded odd to me at first, and I had to let the idea soak for a while before I decided, “Why not? If it doesn’t work, that’s that. If it does…” And so I made an appointment for an NAET, got tested, diagnosed and had acupressure done. No needles, no pricks, just muscle testing, and a “resetting” of the nervous system to relearn how to react to the items that my body was treating as a danger.

Do you think that trying kiwi was nerve-wracking, when before it would make my throat close up? Or soy, which would cause my intestinal system to back up for days? Yes, it certainly was. But I tried things slowly, and voila! I had no pain. I had no rashes. I had no lowering heart-rate… only the enjoyment of foods again.

Lori Walter, LMT and Dr. Jennifer Polen D.C. have changed my life – for good! And just to add to all of that… I have now gone through her Stretch 4 Life Academy, and a Licensed Massage Therapist myself, practicing the Stretch 4 Life technique!

My Story: I was an active adult mother of 4 children before I started working out seriously with a trainer at the age of 38. I got heavy into cardio – mainly running and weight training. I did this about 3 times a week until I hit 40 and increased it to 4 to 5 times a week with a partner for about a year. I left working out with a trainer or partner and maintained a more reasonable work out until my injuring my shoulder. I was told I had a rotator cuff tear, but nothing every showed up on x-rays or a MRI. I was treated with steroid injections for about 2 years. I went back to working out, but with pain. I quit and saw a new doctor who did surgery. After I recovered from this very slow healing process, which took about 17 months, I blew a disk in my neck, which required immediate surgery. This restored a lot of my range of motion for my shoulder – more than physical therapy ever did.

Stretch and Massage: That is when I started seeing Lori Walter and I did not return to physical therapy. I am now 48 and have a strong desire to stay active. However, I have started being clumsy and falling. My muscles feel tight and I have problems with my feet, knee and vision, besides being hormone deficient. I am currently sporadic about working out, but forever hopeful to getting back fully.

I came to see Lori after a friend had told me how much she had helped him. At that time, I had terrible leg pain that started at my lower back and ran all the way down to my foot. The pain would feel like someone was shocking me as I did simple everyday things, like grocery shopping or walking my dogs around the block. After visiting two different medical doctors with no change, I decided to visit Lori.

Stretch and Massage: Lori was very good at explaining what was going on and what we would have to do to fix it. I really liked how she gave me a “big picture” plan, with a start and finish line. We started my plan which included massage therapy and stretch routines for me to follow. We even came up with simple things I could do everyday to start making the pain go away, including the way I walked, stood up, and lifted. The stretch video I followed was very easy and helpful. It made a huge difference! Anyone can do these exercises and there is no annoying dance music required!

My leg pain is now gone and I can actually enjoy walking again. Lori changes important habits in your life to correct posture, form and the way your body moves. Best of all, there is no surgery or drugs involved!