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Jayson Owen
July 8, 2015 Admin

How did you cope with injuries at a young age? I would usually just rest. Not participate in the sport I was involved in. I didn’t know about stretching or proper nutrition to help myself heal better.

What do you do now that is differently from when you were younger when recovering from an injury? I avoid using the injured area as much as possible. I try to feed my body the proper things to aid my body in healing itself. I stretch, or will lightly use the injured area to facilitate healing. I try to get plenty of rest as well.

Was there a time where you did not participate in sports, or changed sports? I played football all through high school. At times I wish I would have not played because the injuries I sustained are all from football and I’m confident that those injuries would not be present had I played… say, baseball.

How did resuming the activity affect your body?

Flexibility: My flexibility greatly suffered, due to the injured area tightening itself up to protect itself.
Strength: My strength suffered as well because the muscle being tight would not allow for their full range of motion. So I could not dig deep during the times I needed them to.
Stamina: My stamina suffered as well because my body was using its injury to heal itself rather than using it for reserves to allow my body to work for longer periods of time.

How has your exercise/activity regimen changed over the years? Why?

During high school I would work the same muscles groups three to four times in one week. I don’t do this anymore. I learned that working a muscle group once a week is actually more beneficial so the muscle group has time to heal. Working them out several times a week promoted injury, which happened. I don’t use an incredible amount of weight anymore, the reason being to reduce the amount of stress my joints will take on. I transition between days of weight training and days of cardio so that I work out my large muscle groups, but all my heart, as well.

Describe a specific experience where you improved in your sport – how did that happen?

I can’t name a specific experience, but rather many. Since I’ve been receiving therapy via massage, my body has made leaps and bounds. I’m able to flex and move in ways that I haven’t been able to do in many years. I have more of a sense of homeostasis that I haven’t had since I was young. It’s hard to describe, but it’s like restoring symmetry to my arms, legs, and back.

What do you do to care for your body?

Nutrition: Eat more lean meats, fruits, and vegetables; reduce the amount of portions I take in.
Stretch: Use conventional stretches as well as non conventional to heal mu muscles.
Cardio: Differing forms of cardio to keep my body and heart guessing.
Sleep: Sleep more and try to keep the times I am sleeping the same.
Recovery: Give my body more rest during the day and rest muscle groups between workouts.


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