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Reminder: Updates Coming to Stretch 4 Life
January 31, 2017 Jenna Easterling

Dear valued customers:

We wanted to send out a reminder about the updates taking place at Stretch 4 Life so that you continue to be informed.  If you have not already read our New Years post, please take the time to do so soon.  It details the updates about to take place at Stretch 4 Life.

Something we definitely want to draw your attention to is the increase in the price of our 60-min massage from $65 to $75. This new price increase will begin on February 6, and we believe this new price better reflects the value of the 60-min massage received at Stretch 4 Life. The prices of our other services are not being increased.          

For further information, please read our New Years post or call us at (940) 591-6491. Thank you for your continued interest and support in Stretch 4 Life!