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Stretch 4 Life New Year’s Resolution
January 6, 2017 Jenna Easterling



Happy New Year!

Stretch 4 Life is excited to welcome in this New Year and all of the changes that it will bring. Listed below is an inside look at all of the changes Stretch 4 Life has undergone in 2016, and is expected to undergo in 2017.

The value of our business increased in 2016 with:

  • New facilities
  • Longer business hours/more availability
  • New scheduling software
  • Improved Zyto Scan software
  • The revival of our Stretch Class program
  • Addition of a Fresh Air Market
  • Two new branches of S4L (NeuroStretch and Stretch 4 Allergies)

The value of our business is expected to continue to increase in 2017 with plans to:

  • Introduce new Whole Body Wellness Value Packages
  • Expand the Fresh Air Market
  • Hire additional staff members
  • Expand the scope of Stretch Classes to include Stretch 4 Sports, Stretch 4 Pregnancy, and Stretch 4 Renewal
  • Buy equipment for our personal trainers to take clients through the Body By Science workout program

Since the value of our business is increasing, we are increasing the price of our 60-min. massage from $65 to $75. This new price increase will begin on February 6, and we believe this new price better reflects the value of the 60-min massage received at Stretch 4 Life.The prices of our other services are not being increased.

To facilitate this change, our Wellness Evaluation that includes the 60-min massage option in addition to the evaluation, will continue to be $120, keeping the old rate for an hour-long massage in the grouped service.

Also, for one month only, an additional $10 discount coupon for an additional 60-min massage will be included for Wellness Evaluation appointments made by February 28, 2017. This will make the next 60-min massage appointment in keeping with the old price of $65.

Additionally, we are now introducing our new Whole Body Wellness Value Packages! These value packages will include 60-min. massages that are priced at $65 each.

Whole Body Wellness Evaluation Package:

  • Wellness Evaluation
  • (4) hour-long massages

Whole Body Wellness Annual Package:

  • 1 Zyto Scan
  • (2) hour-long massages/mo.
  • 50 stretch classes


If you have any questions about the new value packages, any of the changes transpiring at Stretch4Life, or you would like to schedule a massage, you can reach us at (940) 591-6491. Thank you for supporting Stretch 4 Life!