Aubrey, TX 76227

About the Cruise

Stretch for Life is excited to offer an 8 day cruise that includes a two-day continuing education course at sea! We encourage not only massage therapists to join us on this adventure, but also anyone who is a massage enthusiast.

Escape from the ordinary on our 8-day Alaska Cruise. For this Wellness Experience, you will spend your days and nights surrounded by the beauty of the Tongass National Forest. Each day you’ll cruise to a new anchorage, watch for whales, seals, sea lions, bears, owls, eagles and ravens. You’ll have opportunities to hike in old growth forests and poke around in tide pools. You’ll get visit a tidewater glacier, and paddle kayaks along remote shorelines. On our cruise, you will enjoy all that Alaska has to offer and learn about the Power of Posture as well!

About the Course

The Stretch4Life Power of Posture Course is designed for licensed massage therapists. It is designed for therapists so that they can extend their career and take care of their own mind and bodies while applying these same techniques to their clients. However, Massage Enthusiasts can use the course material to further their understanding of their own mind/body wellness.

This course  provides for the Therapist or Wellness enthusiast the following:

  • Power of Posture book
  • Training Videos
  • For Continuing Education credit a written test will be required at the end of the second day of class.