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Power of Posture Massage Therapy App

Note: The Power of Posture App is only to be used for the Continued Education and has no part of becoming a Licensed Massage Therapist.
This app contains coursework for self care. This course is intended toward Licensed Massage Therapists seeking Continued Education Hours on the subject of Self Care. If an individual wellness enthusiast is interested in Self Care, please feel free to take this course, but no professional certification will be given if you are not a licensed therapist prior to taking this course.

Power of Posture by Lori Walter

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Stretch 4 Life has an exciting new book by Lori Walter, Power of Posture. 

Walter’s new book also has an app that is a companion to the training of brain and neurotransmitters.

The exciting new version of Walter’s original app will also guide each user toward their postural position that will enhance connections between brain and body allowing the emotional power and the mental power to infuse the best messages of healing and well-being throughout our systems. The stretches that have been the cornerstone of healing at Stretch 4 Life from the original app once again will play a significant roll in this app, as well. “The wonderful creative team for my app are to be congratulated once again for being fearless,” said Walter.

“The book is a 365 daily devotional to bring together the words of wisdom and the healing power of morality and discipline. The laws and status are the most powerful tools of healing for our immune system,” said Walter, “The app highlights each neuro connection that has to be reestablished for the brain to be completely transformed into postural alignment.”

To help the body escape the bondage of fear and pride. To use the words of one of the current best-selling books in the areas of history, science, and the human condition just to mention a few of its insightful parts. The commentary that is the writer’s contributions is meant to focus on these insightful words toward the aspects of the brain becoming more integrated into the immune system which is controlled by the nervous system.

We all read body language in every person we know. We observe if someone is emotional or sick by the look and appearance of their body. This becomes the normal posture for most people if they stay locked in a cycle of emotional energy for a period of time. The body language lasts longer than the original event but it takes apart our immune system. As a long time practitioner, I have made a long term study of connecting the internal struggle with the exterior posture presentation. It is easy to come quickly to the recognition that how we communicate our need to share burdens is carried on our shelves. The questions is how do we help and who we turn to if someone seems stuck in a loop. All these questions will be answered in this study.

Along with the study guide on the app there will also be Power of Posture in a paperback book or eBook format of daily homework. The app, which will include daily audio files, learning videos on the nervous system, as well as stretches to encourage the body language to lineup with the emotional language, will include a weekly session with a Wellness Life Coach for six one hour sessions via email.

What the brain can conceive the body can do!

If you would like to hold a book signing event to help raise money for literacy in your area please feel free to send Lori Walter a message on my phone 940-591-6491 or email 

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The Power of Posture App is the perfect companion to the Power of Posture book. Download the app for interactive videos, audio, life coaching, and a six week course and so much more!

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