Paola Saibene

Paola Saibene

Neuro-Stretch Therapy

Paola Saibene is committed to helping people heal, overcome challenges, and live the most peaceful and fruitful life possible, where joy and gladness is experienced daily. She utilizes techniques based on solution-focused brief therapy, neuro-linguistic programming, and clinical/holistic approaches – all within a Judeo-Christian framework.

Paola earned her Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology at Chaminade University, and has worked with a wide range of individuals in hospitals, counseling centers, and homes. She has a profound respect for each person’s way of processing emotions, and she uses her training to impart techniques that can bring comfort and solutions quickly, leveraging the most recent scientific findings in neuroplasticity and epigenetics.

Stretch4Life offers through Paola’s talent the Neuro-Stretch Methodology of re-calibrating our mind, heart, and soul, yielding better health and a more peaceful way of interpreting and processing experiences.

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