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Stretch4Life Massage Clinic & Academy

We are a certified massage therapy center as well as an accredited academy that provides a licensed massage therapy program. At Stretch4Life we want to provide outstanding service to our clients as well as excellent education for our students.

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We Are Open Monday – Saturday. Closed Sundays.

Same-day appointments are usually available, however, it is good to plan ahead to take advantage of our new Wellness Eval which includes the Zyto Scan, which is used as part of wellness, or the new up-to-the-minute-technology of the Athos  Gear for correcting posture with athletes such as golf swing or baseball pitching, throwing or catching. All of our therapists are trained to use the Avazzia device and essential oil therapy.


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If you want to pay online for your sessions, first book them using the schedule appointment button and then pay for your sessions online. You can always pay in person as well.

Current Schedule

We currently have three therapists to assist your with your massage and stretch therapy needs. Please see our schedule to better plan your appointment.

Lori Walter

Lori is currently available for the times listed below. She is not available on these days from 12-1:30 for break.

  • Monday 9AM – 4PM
  • Wednesday 9AM  – 4PM
  • Friday 9AM – 4PM


Ed Walter

Ed is currently available for the times listed below.

  • Wednesday 4PM – 7PM

  • Thursday 4PM – 7PM
  • Friday 4PM – 7PM
  • Saturday 10AM Stretch Class
  • Saturday Massage 1:30PM – 4PM

Paola Saibene

Please call 940-591-6491 for an appointment. Paola is currently available for the times listed below for Neuro-Stretch Therapy sessions:

  • Monday 8PM – 5PM
  • Tuesday 8PM – 5PM
  • Wednesday 8PM – 5PM
  • Thursday 8PM – 5PM
  • Friday 8PM – 5PM
  • Saturday 8PM – 5PM


New Classes forming Now for S4L NeuroStretch Six-Week Brain Detox Program

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  • My leg pain is now gone and I can actually enjoy walking again. Lori changes important habits in your life to correct posture, form and the way your body moves. Best of all, there is no surgery or drugs involved!
    Bryan CruzeDenton, TX

We Know ATHOS Body Gear

The world’s first smart fitness apparel that measures muscle activity, heart rate, and respiration all in real time. Now you can take your physical fitness to another level with the ability to measure what your muscles are actually doing. At Stretch4Life we can help you setup your ATHOS fitness wear and help you improve your performance with a complete performance plan.

Stretch4Life Therapy and Wellness Services

Wellness Evaluation Session

  • Nutrition Advice
  • Zyto Scans(Biocommunication Testing) 
  • Stretch DVD

Stretch4Life Massage Therapy

  • General Massage Therapy
  • Sports Massage Therapy
  • Fertility Massage  Therapy
  • Pregnancy Massage Therapy
  • Women’s Wellness Massage Therapy
  • Renewal Massage Therapy

Bodywork with Avazzia

  • Pain Reduction
  • Inflammation Reduction
  • Blood Flow Stimulation